Friday, February 20, 2015

Just A Reminder...

I've been in a life rut lately. For example, I haven't been looking forward to going to work in the mornings. I sent in a resume and never got a call. I'm too lazy to wear cute clothes, so jeans and sweaters have been my go to. I can't think of anything fun to blog about. In all honesty I just don't feel like myself.

For Valentines Day my date and I went to this bar in San Francisco and this sign was above the bar. It was a wake up call of sorts to stop being lazy and get back to my go getting self. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so hopefully things will look up soon. I'll be leaving for Europe in a little over a week, so I'm hoping to come back inspired and refreshed for a new chapter in my life. 

Current life goals:
Shop for Europe
Pack for Europe
Find Inspiration
Be Amazing

xo, Jenny Lynn