Sunday, August 16, 2015

The 1989 World Tour and How I Became a TSwift Fan

Last night I became a Taylor Swift fan...I know, I know, why would I go to her concert if I wasn't a fan? Well it all started when her CD 1989 came out. I was never really a fan of hers and was brain washed by the media to think she was a needy, man eating, serial dater. I thought she was pretty annoying, but secretly blasted her songs when they came on the radio (they are just so darn catchy!) One of my coworkers burned 1989 for me so I thought, ok I'll listen to it once and loose it somewhere in my car never to be found again...but boy was I wrong. I became OBSESSED with this CD. I listened to it over and over in my car. Her songs about break ups and boys hit close to home. It was nice to feel like someone knows how it feels to get broken up with, and not be able to find the right person. She made me feel not so alone. So at that point I decided I liked her songs, and not so much her.

A couple weeks ago I saw one of my friends on FB was selling his tickets. After seeing him post about them multiple times and no one bought them, I told my cousin there are tickets we could get and she told me to message him right away. She's quite the Taylor fan so I went ahead and got them. Still not admitting to being a TSwift fan, I thought it would be neat to see all these songs I fell in love with live.

I'm so happy that the universe lead me to this concert and somehow everything worked out. Last night was truly amazing. It started off with my cousin and I getting there super early and waiting in a 2 hour live just to get our picture taken in front of the "Taylor Nation" back drop. I immediately felt under dressed because pretty much everyone had a unique costume or her lyrics written all over their arms. One girl had heart shaped valentines all over her with song lyrics written on them and a "broken hearts box" on her chest. Other people were dressed as those scrubby things you use in the shower to represent her song "Clean". Many people dressed up as Starbucks drinks or workers for the mistaken lyric, "Starbucks lovers". I've seen people dress crazy at Lady Gaga concerts, but these costumes had so much heart put into them. You could tell these people eat, sleep, and breathe her lyrics.

We got to our seats and we were in the nose bleeds of the nose bleeds. It was at the new 49ers stadium, so if we were at a game our seats would have been perfect. On the back of everyone seat was a bracelet that lit up with her songs throughout the night. I thought this was the coolest idea ever. It made everyone feel like they were part of the show, and it was a free souvenir!

Taylor was a great performer and sang her heart and soul with every lyric. Everyone in the audience sang back her lyrics with tears in their eyes. I liked how personal Taylor makes every one of her shows. She thanked the audience many times for spending their Saturday night with her, and talked to the audience about waiting for the right person to come along and sweep them off their feet. Her words of encouragement made me feel like she was talking right to me.

Every night of her tour she has a special guest and our night was the band Little Mix who sang their song Black Magic with her. THEN out of nowhere singer/song writer Joan Baez and JULIA ROBERTS came out on stage. It's so awesome how every show is unique and a different experience from the night before. I have a lot of respect for her for that.

Overall, I'm very happy I went. Seeing how much her songs effect so many people is amazing. I felt part of the Taylor Nation, and now I am a proud fan. The girl I once thought was the annoying, needy, man eater is actually just a regular girl like myself just trying to find love and be happy. I'm sorry I thought this Taylor. The 1989 World Tour was an amazing time and I'm so thankful I went.

 Have you gone to the 1989 World Tour?
xo, Jenny Lynn