Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Year In Concerts, 2014!

I still can't believe that 2014 is coming to an end. Looking back at this year, I went to some amazing concerts that I'm so incredibly lucky to have went to. I went to 8 concerts total, saw my favorite band twice, and saw my favorite lead singer shirtless...I don't think it gets much better than that. Here is my concert year book for 2014!

First concert was my favorite band, Panic at the Disco. I truly believe there is no better feeling than seeing you favorite band preform live.

 Lady Gaga was next. I absolutely love everything about her. She is SUCH a good performer and always gives 110% in all her live shows. 

 Next has got to be my favorite concert of all time, Beyonce and Jay-Z's On The Run tour. Both of them were incredible. Just the energy in the stadium was crazy. I think it's so awesome that performers can bring people together through music, it was like one big party! AND, my friend Chelsea made us sweaters that said, "Don't Worry, Be Yonce"...I must say they were quite a hit! 

 The end of August was Justin Timberlake's  20/20 Experience. He's always such an amazing showman, and I must say this has got to be my favorite concert outfit. Always on that suit and tie game ;)

 And then I saw a Beatle. I can honestly say that I can die happy after seeing Paul McCartney perform. I LOVE The Beatles, so this was such an amazing experience for me. It was also the last event at Candlestick Park where the 49er's played, so it was a part of history too! AND fun fact: Candlestick was the last place The Beatles performed together. Kinda neat that it all can full circle. 

 Fall Out Boy was next. I can't help but swoon over Patrick Stump's voice. *Heart Eyes*

Then it was Panic at the Disco again. Yes, that is Brendon Urie shirtless. Yes, I drooled the whole time. 

 And last but not least, was Katy Perry. Her shows are always so bright and full of  character! At one point, she flew out over the crowd on a bunch of balloons! She seems like such a genuine person, and is so good at what she does. I always look forward to a Katy show!

For 2015 I have Maroon 5 lined up, and that's it! I need to start hunting for some more shows! Haha

What shows are you going to in 2015?
xo, Jenny Lynn

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