Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Winter To-Do List

Today is the first day of Winter here in California! (and also my dads birthday, happy birthday daddy!) With Christmas so close, my to-do list has been never ending. But soon enough Christmas will be over and I'll finally have some time to myself. Here are just some of the things I want to accomplish this Winter!

Find new coffee spots!
As a coffee lover, I'm always down to try a new cup of joe. If anyone knows of any good places in the Bay Area, leave it down in the comments!...But don't get me wrong...I'll always love my Starbucks.

Prepare for my trip to Europe!
At the beginning of March I'm going to Europe for 2 weeks! I'm still in shock that I'm actually leaving the country for the first time and seeing things that I've always wanted to see. I'll be going to Sweden, England, and France for sure. So again, if you can think of some place that's a must see, leave it in the comments! I have to figure out what to pack, how much to pack, what to see, and where to go! (As you can tell, I'm very unorganized thus far, haha!)

Buy new boots
It's Winter, new boots are a must.

Wear more hats
I buy so many beanies and hats every Winter and then never have the cojones to wear them. I fuss and fuss with them until I get frustrated that it's not looking right and take it off. I just gotta WEAR IT! This pic is one of the only times I wore a beanie and liked how it looked...of course representing the Giants!

I absolutely love to blog. This is my own little space of the internet that I enjoy sharing with you guys. With working 40 hours a week, and making enough time for family and friends, it's hard to find time to sit and my computer and do what I love. But I'm determined to find more me time this winter, and with that more time to blog and share my life!

What are you going to do this winter?
xo, Jenny Lynn

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