Thursday, November 6, 2014

This is Halloween 2014!

Hello my lovelies!

Time flies when you're having fun, I can't believe Halloween is already over. I had so much fun dressing in two different costumes this year. At work we dressed up as super heroes. I wanted to try to do something different (even though I saw many people dress in this costume) and I was Clark Kent for my super hero. Super easy costume to throw together, all I had to buy was a Super Man shirt from Hot Topic.

That night I went to a party with my friends and decided to dress as my favorite villain...Gaston! My friends and I did a Disney villain theme, and  they dressed up as Uncle Scar from Lion King and Cruella Deville. One of my old friends from high school heard I was going to be Gaston and he dressed up as Belle. I must say, he rocked that blue apron! Again, it was a super easy costume to put together, I already had black leggings and brown boots. I bought a red polo and mustard yellow bandanna from WalMart, and used a belt from an old Halloween costume. I love how it turned out!


What were you for Halloween?
xo, Jenny Lynn

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