Monday, November 10, 2014

Target Appreciation Post!

This weekend on a boring Saturday afternoon, I just so happened to stroll into Target, because I realized I haven't walked around my favorite store in a while. I walk in and see Christmas EVERYWHERE! In the dollar section, in the women's clothes section, in the men's clothes section, in its own Christmas section!!! I spent a good almost 2 hours just walking around in everything Christmas. I held back in buying a lot, but I did have to splurge and buy myself some Christmas goodies!

I bought Ghirardelli peppermint hot chocolate, men's skull socks from the dollar section, a kitty Christmas sweatshirt from the men's section, and the "Merry" banner. I also bought a banner that says "fa la la la la" but I forgot to put it in the picture (oops).

Are you buying Christmas stuff yet?? 
xo, Jenny Lynn

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