Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekly Target Appreciation Post

Ok friends, I have a confession...I'm obsessed with Target. Well, I guess you already knew that...but saying it out loud is the first step to recovery right?

I try to go to Target at least once a week. Shopping at Target after a long day of work with a Starbucks in hand can cure just about any problem...I'm sure of it. On these weekly Target trips I think, ponder, and retail therapy myself into a happy Target drunkenness. I head home with a bag filled with things I don't need and a huge smile on my face. (wow I really do have a problem) Well friends, I think this will be my first Target Appreciation Post where I will list all the wonderful magical things I bought at Target for the week. I'm actually quite proud and only bought 2 items, but might I say they both are pretty great.

First up, a doughnut sweater. I mean...why wouldn't you want a doughnut sweater? This was priced at $22.99

The other item...or should I say items...I bought were mini party hats from the Oh Joy! collection. ($5 for a pack of 8 hats) They are so cute and fit perfectly on my little head. Be ready friends, on my next birthday I'm breaking these suckers out for a night on the town! 

That's all for this week! Let me know if you like my Weekly Target Appreciation Posts...or if I should actually find something interesting to blog about.

xo Jenny Lynn

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