Sunday, December 6, 2015

My November Favorites!

Well hello there darlings! Can you believe it's December already?! Where has the time gone? But I can't say I'm too sad that it's December. Decorating the tree, Christmas music, peppermint mochas...really what more could I ask for?

Here are some things I loved in the month of November!

While walking by Vans I saw these little beauties and freaked out! I had no idea Vans added even more products to their Disney collection. I love how colorful they are and that each shoe is different which makes up one big scene. I'm so scared of messing mine up I haven't even warn them yet! Maybe I'll save them for a Disneyland trip...
Next, here are some of my beauty favorites. This month I bought Rimmel's Extra Super Last mascara and fell in LOVE! My lashes have never looked so long. One girl I work with even asked if I was wearing fake lashes one day. I love all of Rimmel's mascaras, but this one is my favorite. Another one worth trying is Rimmel's Glam Eyes mascara. That's the one I used before I discovered this one!
I guess you could say I'm the queen of drug store cosmetics. If you search a bit you can find products that are just as good as the pricey ones. I love love love e.l.f. and have so many products from them. They are all pretty cheap (between $1-$3 usually) and are actually a really good quality. This month I tried e.l.f. Cover Everything Concealer for my under eye dark circles and blemishes. It covered everything right up and looked natural. For $3 (I think) I would totally recommend it!  
I think I'm totally late on this boat, but Oreo Thins are freakin delicious. If you like the Oreo cookie more than the cream (I know there's very few of us out there) then grab and bag and get your snack on!
Last but not least is my most favorite favorite of them all. Currently Disneyland has opened a bunch of new Star Wars attractions in Tomorrowland in honor of the new movie coming out. One of the special souvenirs they have are name tags with your name translated into aurebesh. I haven't seen everything in person yet, but my coworker went and got a Rebel name tag for me with Jennifer translated into aurebesh. I was so stoked to get it! Hopefully soon I will be able to go see everything for myself! 

And that's it darlings! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and is in the holiday spirit!
xo, Jenny Lynn

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