Thursday, April 9, 2015

An American Girl in London Pt. 2!

Here are some more pics from my amazing trip to jolly old London!

Our day started off with coffee of course! We found this cute little hole in the wall coffee spot. It was amazing!

In this cafe there was a cat named Bob. Bob is a girl. As a crazy cat lady I instantly fell in love with little Bob.

 As we walked from the cafe to the tube station we came across this awesome tunnel with graffiti all over it! It was such a neat little find. There were even artists spray painting as we were walking through! Later on I googled it and found that it's called Leake Street, a little spot that the famous graffiti artist Banksy set up for artists to do their work! So happy we found this little gem.

Then we went and visited the Queen! I tried calling for Prince Harry, but he didn't come out to marry me...

We also did some shopping and I stumbled across a Johnny Cupcakes store! This is one of my favorite brands, so you can only imagine my excitement! 

 Then we had more coffee...

Yup, they really do say it...

Next was Harrods. My mind was blown when walking into Harrods. It was a department store on crack. With over a million square feet of shopping space I didn't even know where to we began where any girl should begin...

SHOE HEAVEN! Yes, the top floor was called shoe heaven. I literally thought I died and went to heaven.

In the kids section in Harrods they had a Disney cafe. Look how stinking cute it is!

And I lived happily ever after in Harrods. 

xo, Jenny Lynn

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