Thursday, March 26, 2015

An American Girl in London Pt. 1

Hello Darlings!

So I'm very much missing London already! The accents, the food, the history, oh my! Here is a little picture post on what we did our first day in London!

Oh course, our day started with some coffee!

This is the house we stayed at. It was beautiful! It had the most amazing study, and shelves filled with books in every room. I would move in if I could! 

Our first morning in London we went to this amazing market called the Borough Market. We got to sample the most delicious cheese and meats I've ever had. Walking around this market with a coffee in hand was the most perfect Friday morning I've ever had. 

Then we made a trip over to the Tower Bridge. Fun Fact: this is NOT the London Bridge, it is the Tower Bridge. Big difference! 

We then took a boat ride over to the London Eye. It was such a great ride! We could see so many beautiful buildings in London! Here's what the inside of the capsule you ride in looks like.  

I often do the robot in random places...

 Hung out with Big Ben next. 

Then the beautiful Westminster Abby. I can't believe royalty gets married just behind those doors! 

Walking around the streets of London we came across this chalk board where you write your hopes and prayers. Such a cute idea! Of course I had to write is all you need. 

Then I finished the day out with a tacky American tourist phone booth picture...I couldn't help myself. 

London I miss you!!
More pics to come soon!
xo, Jenny Lynn

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