Monday, September 7, 2015

Bay Area Toile Art Show & Hanging with The Lonely Island

Last weekend my friends and I went to an art show in Oakland for the Bay Area Toile wall paper. Here is a quick background on the piece: The Beastie Boys made a wall paper entitled "Brooklyn Toile" many years ago with landmarks from New York on in. The members of the group The Lonely Island (you know, the Dick in a Box guys) wanted to make one for their home, The Bay Area, and ta da an awesome art piece was born!

The show was AWESOME and the wall paper was AMAZING! It made me realize how happy I am to call the Bay Area my home. Portraits of Bay Area icons were on the piece like rapper E40, Mac Dre, and Humpty Hump just to name a few. Iconic landmarks were also featured on the piece like the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train, the cranes in Oakland, the children's park Fairyland, and The Golden Gate Bridge. Here is a picture of the piece!

Here is a picture of my friends and I with Jorma from The Lonely Island and the artist Matt Ritchie!

 The guy holding the drinks in the back is the best part of this picture.

They also served awesome coffee there from an up and coming coffee company Slojoy! So delish!

I must say I'm not a selfie taker...but I had to take a picture in this awesome necklace! (Jcrew)

Do you wish your home town had a wall paper?
xo, Jenny Lynn

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