Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy 60th Birthday Disneyland!

I realize I'm a couple days late...Oops...

But Happy Birthday to my favorite place in the whole world!

I remember my first time going when I was 4 years old. I was in awe of this magical place from seeing Mickey walking around, to eating my first Mickey shaped ice cream. Everything was perfect. As I grew up I discovered that Disneyland was a place where I didn't have to worry about the outside world. It was my one break from reality where I didn't have to worry about tests coming up at school, or now the work I have to get done at my job. When I go I really do leave every stress at the gates and enjoy every moment I have there. I can go on the rides over and over again and never get tired or them. I can eat a churro every night and never get tired of their sugary deliciousness. And at the end of every night I enjoy sitting in front of the castle and taking in the moment that I'm in my happy place.

My favorite people to go with are still my parents. Even thought I'm 25, it still feels as if I'm a child experiencing everything all over again for the first time when I'm with them. My parents love of Disney has passed down to me, and I hope to one day pass that down to my children as well. Disneyland isn't just a place to me, it's my childhood, my happy place, and a place that gives me hope when I feel like I can't accomplish my dreams.

The tradition lives on with family vacations to Disneyland and I will be there next month! It's all I can think about! I always watch all my vacation planning Disneyland videos before I go to gear up, as well as my super old Disneyland Sing-A-Long...( I'm starting to sound like a crazy person, right?).

So cheers to 60 glorious years Disneyland. Walt would be proud of how far his park has come...but I don't think very proud of the crazy expensive prices to get in...

I love you Disneyland. See you soon!

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